Root Canal and Laughing Gas

Wow. Time has zipped by and I haven't blogged in quite some time. Not terribly busy, other than being at the lake the last 2 weekends.
And I had a ROOT CANAL yesterday. How's that for a boat-load of fun? The last few weeks I've been in some pretty rough tooth pain so I made an appointment for Tuesday.
I arrived.
They did the ex-rays and in the process, the technician said to me, "Wow. You have a little mouth." And I said, "Wow!!!! I don't think anyone has ever said anything on me is little. I wish you could say that about my bottom!" She laughed.
And I laughed and secretly wished I had a little wee bottom. But I don't. And perhaps I never will. But, since I'm prit-near 40, I'm coming to grips with the reality that is my bottom. C'est la vie.
Back to root canal. And then, Dr. Dentist came in, took one nano-second look at my ex-ray and said, "No wonder you're in a lot of pain. The nerve is exposed and it's infected. You need a root canal. We have the time now. Shall we?"
He asked in the same way someone would say, "Shall we dance?" And since I love to dance I said, "Okay." And my eyes promptly teared up. To which he said, "Would you like some nitrous oxide?" {Or something like that.} And I said, "What's that?" And he said, "It will be good for you. It will just calm you down."
I said, "SIGN ME UP." {I also told him that I'm a wimp when it comes to pain, and that I was the one that got the epidural at the earliest possible second during the birth of both my children, so I was definitely going to need the laughing gas.}
He hooked me up and got me breathing through a tube. I felt like a dream and instantly decided that all mothers across land and sea should be given that gas at approximately 4pm every day. It just made everything all better.
At one point when he was drilling and probing and pulling and prodding, Dr. Dentist sneezed. A big sneeze. He politely said, "Excuse me. My allergies are really acting up. It's been a rough day with the oak pollen."
So I said, "Well, at least you're not getting a root canal today!" That got a big chuckle out of everyone in the room. I like that gas. It's about the only time I'm ever a bit quick-witted. Okay, reality is I'm never quick-witted so I felt like a real live comedian.
So, that's my drama for the week.
What have you been up to?


Cleary said…
Sign me up for that 4pm fix!!
Irja MK said…
ahahaha, I LOVE it Alysa! I had wisdom teeth out a few years ago and it's amazing how you're there one minute, then the next I was out and they were waking me up. Afterwards there was comprehension, but i wasn't doing anything. I can just imagine you being all witty ;) -reminds me of stories of Jon Hans when he decided to attach himself to the gym floor...
Hi Alysa! Indeed, a fun experience. Laughing gas can definitely do wonders to a dental procedure. It gives you that light feeling that seems to make things a lot better. Traces of nitrous oxide are also used for other medical purposes. That way, the success of the operation would be higher because the body does not feel like it is undergoing an invasive procedure.

Thanks for sharing!
Harry said…
Laughing gas is totally a lifesaver for us who are pretty weak in terms of handling the pain. Prior to having my root canal operation, my tooth was totally sensitive, I can't even drink a cup of cold water nor eat a spoonful of ice cream! The last straw was, when I felt a sharp pain on my tooth at midnight, it made me punch my face to ease the pain. Next morning, I went to the dentists (Hendersonville, TN clinic, since I lived there) to get my teeth checked-up and x-ray.

After the diagnostics, the operation started with me getting gassed (requested by me), hours later, I woke up and felt no sensation on my affected tooth, the dentist gave me some pointers and medicine. A week after that, I returned to the Hendersonville dentist for a return check-up, after that, I am totally fine.

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