Playin' Around

I'm continuing to "play" with my camera, discovering new settings and features. Here are just a few from Memorial Day weekend up at the lake.

{You'll notice several pictures actually highlight just one colour, and the rest of the picture is gray scale. New favorite trick.}

I'm hoping that her hands are just wet and not slimy.

Meet "Hoppy."

This is Jackson's little friend "Malia."

And my personal fave from the weekend.

"The pink sandy pail."


Sara said…
this is also my fav setting on my camera! i am addicted to it! such fun pics. i want a weekend at the lake!
Kacie said…
you're a genius, Alysa. I tried that setting but couldn't figure out how to select the color. Do you have a canon? Maybe you can direct me?
Irja MK said…
Those are awesome - love the frog and turtles ones ;)
Alice said…
I love the turtle one. That first one has a very 1950s beach look to it--very cool!

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