A New Friend

Monday I got to meet my blogging friend, Amy, for the very first time. Jack 'introduced' us about a year ago, giving Amy my blog address saying she might like to pop on and see. Come to find out, she had a blog too, so I started following hers and before long we realized we had much in common.

It was so fun to finally put a face to her blog. We met at the Arboretum and enjoyed several hours of getting to know each other. {And our boys got on well, too, so that was a bonus.}

I especially love this phase in a friendship, because you get to ask all those "basics" questions, and you find out so many fun facts .... Like did you know that Amy's husband is British AND a rock star. How's that for FUN, FUN, FUN 'til your daddy takes the T-Bird away?

And she is a gifted writer, doing free-lance work from home while juggling the responsibilities of mommy-hood. And she loves to travel. And she's involved in her church. And she always takes a stack of books with her on vacation because she just has to have options {sound familiar?}.

And she's fun and has a big heart and is a fantastic mommy, just lovin' on her two boys. {And she mentioned in passing that sometimes, just sometimes, she might sorta yell at her boys. But that's a secret so don't tell her I said so! And, ya,that sounds oh-so-vaguely familiar, too, now doesn't it?} So she's a real mommy, in the trenches of doing her best at loving Jesus and loving others and loving her family. I like that!

So I love that I have another new friend.

Who have you gotten to know lately? Go find someone, say hello and ask them to be your friend. Just like when you were in kindergarten. It really is a great way to spend a day! I promise.


Alice said…
Ha, it worked for us all those years ago! Your new friend sounds great!
amywb said…
Thanks, friend. Ditto.

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