Last Minute Change O' Plans

Friday at 5pm {Michigan time} we decided to throw caution to the wind, zip up our coats and head to the lake for a brief getaway.
Didn't do much but relax, which felt oh-so-delicious.


Ate at Frona's TWICE! {a highlight for sure}

Took boat rides, checking out new houses on the lake.

Visited with friends.

Played in the sand and water.

Read mindless magazines. {Alysa}

Learned to draw parrots. {Maddie}

Learned how to pump on the swing. {Jackson}

Played with the manual settings on my camera. {Alysa}

Arranged marriage.

Caught turtles.

And get this, I had the best night sleep! Slept from 9:30pm to 5:30am and then right back to sleep until 8am. Wow. And here's the funny thing. Since I posted "Sleep Stutter" Jackson has slept through the night every night. Can you BELIEVE that? Mom said I should have written about it years ago. I concur.

OH, and in case you were wondering, my feet are once again happy!


Julie said…
nice pics Alysa!
keep playin'!
Sara said…
these photos scream relaxin'!!! i want a turn!
Cleary said…
Jill said…
The weather this coming weekend is supposed to be beautiful..maybe you should come back :)
Ake said…
AWESOME Alysa - I love that you guys go up to the lake! So glad you are getting sleep too :)
love Rach
kristin said…
cutest feet ever!

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