Happy Mother's Day

Some may claim that they have the greatest mom in the whole-wide-world. I am here, stating for the record, that mine actually IS the greatest. Hands down. And I will stick by that until the day I die.

Mom, I wish you lived just down the street. I really, really do. I long for more every-day-little-things-in-life kinds of moments, but for now, that isn't to be.

So instead, I will remember the seemingly little yet profoundly gigantic things you did/do and who you are to focus on the rich, rich blessing you are in my life.

  • Your influence and fingerprints are over every bit of who I am. You name a part of who I am and it most likely stems from your intentional mothering or simply you being you, which trickles down to me being me.
  • You were there every single day when I got home from school {except for one day and that day I thought the rapture had happened and I'd been left behind. A horrific moment in my life thanks to the "Thief in the Night" movies.}
  • We can't move furniture together without getting into giggling fits.
  • I love the memory of sitting and reading to you while you sewed.
  • You gave and gave, and then gave some more, to make our growing up years amazing. I love my childhood experiences. From lots and lots of camping trips, to making maple syrup, to playing games to birthdays that you always made SO special, you were mom extraordinaire.
  • You played the piano late into the night and I have fond memories of falling asleep listening to you playing hymns.
  • You were firm but fun. As a mother, I struggle with finding that balance and you did it so very well.
  • Your six-week visit to Indonesia was so needed. You got to experience my world and I can't imagine you having not seen it; it was just too important to me and you came.
  • Your daily {probably hourly is more accurate} prayers for me.
  • You are silly and I love that.
  • You are an example of a woman with an unwavering faith. And to me, that is HUGE.
  • I have a vivid picture of you sitting in your chair, reading your Bible, often. Very often.
  • You lived what you believed. Always.

This is only just the very tippy-top of the iceberg as to the mom you were and continue to be.

You exemplify beauty .... kindness ... hard working ... a love for God that is an inspiration and motivation to me ...

I love you, Mom. So very, VERY much.

Happy Mother's Day, 2009.

{My only bone to pick is that I owe my Diet Coke Addiction to YOU!}


Alice said…
I love these pics of you and your mom. She is awesome. From the time I met you, you've had great stories about her--like how she liked a Michael Jackson song and how a monkey climbed on her in Irian.

She has been such a good friend to me too. God has truly blessed us with wonderful moms! I wish they knew each other because I know they would hit it off in an instant!
Mae said…
Thank you, dear daughter. I can't even begin to tell you how rich you have made my life. My life would be so empty without you. You bring sunshine and happiness into my life. I love you so much.

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