Big Boy on Big Wheel

What boy doesn't love a Big Wheel? Jackson discovered it this weekend and we spent at least an hour on Saturday with him just racing up and down the sidewalks, trying to 'sneak' by, all the while squealing with delight. Back and forth. Back and forth. And then back and forth some more.

{And in case you're wondering, Maddie was busy in the BACK yard with her SNAKE.}

Away he goes ...

The little things in life. Oh so good.


Heidi said…
Ooooh, I just love that 4th pict with the grass in the foreground and your son in the background. Wonderful perspective!

I love watching kids get comfortable on wheeles. :)
Amber said…
Oh, the pure joy on his face....such a wonderful sight!
becko said…
Man, I want to be able to ride on my big wheel again! Those were the good old days. I'm so glad to see jackson being as carefree as ever. That's how it should be!

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