wEeKeND re-CAp

The weekend was all I dreamed it would be.

We rolled out of bed at 10am on Saturday morning; 9:30am on Sunday. Zippidy-do-dah!

Talk about de-LIGHT-ful. I just laid in bed. Forever. Slowly waking up. Opening my eyes. Oh, and then closing them ---- JUST BECAUSE I COULD. And then re-opening them. And picking up my book and reading 'til I needed a Diet Coke. My favorite, most perfect way to wake up.

I think if you asked a million mothers, you'd get a million different responses as to the hardest part of mothering, but up there near the top of every mom's list would be sleep-deprivation. SLEEP ISSUES. Lack of sleep. Interrupted sleep. Abrupt awakening. No napping. Ditto. Repeat a million times over. And that is my number one hardest thing about being a mommy. {Although it is getting so much easier as every month passes.}

You see, I have sleep issues and I'm the first to admit it. My ideal day incluldes sleeping in, napping and staying up extraordinarily late. I hate the PROCESS of waking up. I just want to slowly come to life. It's about the only thing I want to do slowly. Waking up is hard to do; especially times two children.

I am a closet snooze-button-hitter. Actually, forget the closet. I'm an out-in-the-open-snooze-button-hitter. No hiding it. If you have to wake up at a predetermined time, hitting the snooze button, in my estimation, is the best way to wake up. I can't do abrupt. I hate abrupt. So while on the surface the alarm clock might SEEM to be abrupt, with the snooze button pressed you can buy yourself some serious time. {Like, I used to hit the snooze button for an HOUR before rolling out of bed. Showers are over-rated when you can get an extra nine minutes of sleep!}
So you can only imagine the tizzy I fell into when motherhood arrived. Wait. WHAT? No sleeping in any more? Bye-bye nappy naps? You've gotta be kiddin' me!

Okay, so you're getting the picture that sleep is a big deal to me. So that's why this weekend was amazing. I slept in TWICE IN A ROW. I closed my eyes for a wee bit of shut eye in the MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON. I stayed up late. Bliss.

Besides sleeping, we did do other fun things like eating out for breakfast and bike riding through the woods.

Fun times with friends.

Lou Malnatti's deep dish pizza! {my personal fave}

And I must say that Becky's home is like a spa/resort. It's so beautiful it could be in a fancy-pants home magazine. Little touches of loveliness everywhere you look. Candles. Fire place. A tub large enough to house a small army. Flowers and glass. All in a delicious colour palette. Blues. Greens. Purples.

We were spoiled.

We admit it. We {think we} deserved it. We {desperately} needed it.

And we really, really, {REALLY}, LOVE Aunt Becky.


Anonymous said…
once again-i am jealous!
sounds like memories to me!
Renee said…
I totally get the sleep thing! I am so happy that you guys had such a fantastic weekend in such a lovely setting! Can't wait to catch up!
Alice said…
I'm glad you both had such a great weekend. You really do deserve it!! And Becky's house does look lovely!

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