Tulips Make Me Happy

When winter gets me down, I can't help but think that eventually tulips will pop up and all will be well in the world.

Today marks a string of so many lousy, dreary, rainy days. The fourth worst in Chicago history was what I heard today. That being said, there has been an abundance of "colour pops" all over our city.
So Jackson and I set out to find color ... and puddles. We managed to find both.

{Yep, the water went right into his boots on the picture below, which set into motion a quick trip home to change clothes; not because I cared, but because Junior demanded that he be freed from wetness. This is the kid that asks for napkins because his hands are dirty and does not like stickiness on his fingers. I feel some OCD comin' on.}

{I have to say, I continue to love the fresco tool in Photoshop. Now if I could just learn some more little tricks. I will. No worries. But until I do you might get sick of the "fresco" look. But I won't. I absolutely LOVE what it does to a picture.}

Just the way I like 'em. Plum tuckered out.


Mae said…
Great pictures. I love the fresco of Jackson. It would be a good one to frame.
amywb said…
Fabulous photos!

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