Three Parks and a Bike Ride

We were a very good sort of busy TODAY. You see the SUN was shining. The WEATHER was warming. Which means only one thing in our home. OUTDOORS WE GO.
We managed to hit three different parks, eating a picnic lunch at one of them. Jackson was CONVINCED this tower was moving and it was NOT the clouds. What does Mommy know, right?

We took a very long BIKE RIDE {No picture because I might have crashed while trying to get the perfect photo}.

We had a play-date at a friend's

AND, being the wonderful mom that I am, I made delicious scrambled eggs and toast for SUPPER {Because of aforementioned outdoors activities I was short on prep-time in the kitchen! Priorities people. Priorities.}

Yesterday was a jam-packed day, too, which included Jackson's 3-year-old doctor's visit. He liked getting his blood-pressure checked, calling it a "hug" from the machine.

NEWS FLASH: Guess what has been introduced in the toddler division at our doctor's office? "THE" paper-thin gown that we all know and HATE.

You know the one.

That flimsy piece of, um, crap, that they throw at you and say, "Just put this little bit of loveliness on and we'll be right back in." And they are NEVER "right back in" and they ALWAYS act like they have just given you a costly-chenille-soft-cozy-dreamy-plush ROBE and at any minute will give you bon bons and a glass of Chardonnay. See the look of dismay on his sweet little face? I so felt his pain. I was right there for him. I digress.

So the absolutely HILARIOUS thing about this Jackson-sized gown was that he took one look at it and said, "NO. I don't like that!" And I laughed and said, "I know, Bud. I don't like it either. But I promise I won't let anyone take a peak at your cute bee-hind." However, I couldn't resist taking a photo from the back, just because, well, his behind actually looks cute in the PAPER-THIN-GOWN.

And since he got a taste of shall we say 'freedom' yesterday, I found him this afternoon wearing ONLY his dragon rain boots. Oh to be BOLD and THREE and CUTE in only rain boots!


Anonymous said…
I loved his being hugged by the blood pressure thing. Also loved him in the paper gown. What gets me is when the nurse speaks so fast and then exits the room and your not sure what she said or told you to do. You don't know if you are get naked or not.
Alice said…
They have a paper gown for kids??

And scrambled eggs and toast is a perfectly wonderful supper. I speak from experience. Lots of experience. :-)

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