Sunshine and Saturdays Just Go Together

I'll start by saying 74 and mostly sunny. TWO DAYS IN A ROW. Pretty soon they're just gonna call us San Diego.
I just wish I would have worn a tank top today because I ended up with a bit of a farmer's tan. {Maddie didn't seem to see the problem with this. Some day she will.}
Oh, it felt so good. I'm not sure I can convey just HOW good it felt to be outside ALL day today.
First, we spent hours at the
Chicago Botanic Garden. How about this flower. The name? "QUEEN OF THE PINKS HYACINTH." That name rocks!
Steam roller.
Jackson wanted to play again ... and again ... and again.

Then, my camera battery went ca put, so no pictures to show the rest of our day. [Bummer.]

We went to a great park on the way home. The kids each met new friends and this is what I overheard Jackson saying to one boy.

"Hi. My name is Jackson. Jackson. NOT JackSHUN. Nice to meet you."
Is that precious and hilarious or what? He is very particular about his name these days.

And then we went home, played outdoors for a bit while Mommy laid down on the couch.

And then, my favorite. A family bike ride. Jack pulled Maddie behind his bike and I had Jackson in the carrier on mine.

I love being outdoors as a family. What a great, warm, outdoors-ey sort of day.

{And tomorrow we drop 20 plus degrees and add an all-day-soaker to the mix, but I'm not going to think about that. At least not until I wake up in the morning. So much for the San Diego label.}


Cleary said…
so far - the best day of 2009!

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