Okay, so read the previous post and you'll see my comment about letting Maddie stay up late to read.

After I wrote that post she sauntered downstairs at 9:30pm {I thought she was already asleep} and had this big grin on her face. So I asked her, "Did you finish your book?"

And she proudly stated, "Ya. And another one. And I'm almost done my THIRD one." And she giggled with delight and ran upstairs to bring me the three books.


P.S. She probably won't sleep in and will be grumpy all day tomorrow, but in my estimation, it will have been well worth it. Oh, and I think we'll be going to the library tomorrow because you know I'm going to feed this obsession, capitalizing on every OUNCE of interest she shows in the beauty of reading.

P.P.S. And I think next Friday night, while Jack's in jail, she and I will snuggle up in our comfy bed and both get lost in our books. Now THAT is gonna be FUN! I can hardly wait.


Anonymous said…
i can totally picture the 2 of you all comfy in pjs and cuddling your fav books together!
Cleary said…
Emma and I have been reading at night after the other 2 are in bed. She gets her minutes in for school and I get to read my "fun" book. I love it!

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