I honestly don't know why I tend to procrastinate. No idea. I have people in my life that RARELY procrastinate {hello Julie and Aunt Shirley} and I think, "Wow, what IS that like?"

So I thought I'd show you two projects that I completed in the last 24 hours. Both of which have been on my "Creative TO DO" list for, oh, about 3 years now. No exaggeration. Somehow, they never quite made it to the top of the priority list. Until this weekend.

The first project took all of 20 minutes start-to-finish, and again, I exaggerate not. This was a MOPS creative project that we did at a meeting two years ago, but I never got to sit and do it but brought this one home to do right away because it was so easy and cute. {It seems that my 'right away' was not so much right away. Hmmmm.}

So tonight, I began at 8:03pm and finished at 8:23pm. And here's how my 'inspiration board' went down:

1. Take the board and the material and get it ready to staple.

2. Pull the material tight and begin stapling. It felt very good to use a power tool! {I use the term loosely.}

3. Half-way done.

4. Find accenting ribbon and begin stapling it in place.

5. Find buttons that suite the look you're going for and hot-glue those into place.

6. And before you know it, you have an "INSPIRATION BOARD." {I'm curious to know how long my inspiring ideas will be tucked onto this board before I actually get them done. You know, back to that procrastination gene!}


Jack made me this really cool, very unique frame for our bedroom, which was my Christmas gift a few years ago. The idea behind the gift was that I would take it and 'create' some sort of something in it.

It has hung in our bedroom all this time, just waiting for me to create.

Well as I said, this weekend was the moment to say "Bye-bye Procrastination" and

Hello Creation.


It's a pictorial history of a lot of our adventures to date. Africa. Indonesia. Hawaii. France. Our wedding. And various other "us" moments. I'm so pleased with how it turned out. I'll be adding a couple of final embellishments but otherwise, it's about 95% done.

So now, when I walk into our bedroom I don't think, "Boy, I really need to finish that project." Instead I think, "So THIS is what it feels like to not procrastinate. I might try this again sometime!"


Cleary said…
Can you come here and do some of mine now, please!
amywb said…
You are a "scrapbooking" wonder! I love what you did with the frame. What fun to see something like that everyday. Maybe if you didn't procrastinate you wouldn't be so creative!! (I say this because I know exactly how you operate - I am your secret twin, remember?)
Kacie said…
Alysa, you were a MACHINE this weekend! Way to go! I love your create-a-frame - it's gorgeous!
Mae said…
The two completed projects are great.
Anonymous said…
that is adorable!
another thing in common for u and i! i am a HUGE procrastinator! that is what harper actually means!

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