A Normal Afternoon

Jackson and I pick up Maddie from school at 3pm each afternoon. Jackson runs to the office to see the Candy Lady for his 2nd daily dose of candy, and then we head home and this is what occupies our time:

Maddie colours and crafts.

Jackson bathes.

And me? I try to figure out what to make for supper. Always at the 11th hour. As organized as I am, I find it quite difficult to pull together a meal idea prior to the last minute.

So today {at 4:52pm I might add} Maddie requested spaghetti and I thought, "Ahhhh, why not? It's quick and easy and they all love it." So that's what we had.

And I think I might have won "Mom of the Hour" award. Just in the nic of time.


lizwiththree said…
always one of our favorites...spag and meatballs!!! delicious...mom of the hour...more like mom of the year

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