Late Spring Fever

I've got the BUG. The organize, organize, ORGANIZE bug.

I was thrilled to get an email last week from my friend Donna who asked if I had a need for two white dressers. "OH YES, my sweet friend!" And in less than 24 hours, her husband Rob brought them over and lugged them up our back steps and onto our back porch all by his lonesome. How's that for service? {And he happens to be a fireman and Jack said, "I bet Rob would have put out a fire in our house, had he smelled smoke while he was dropping off the dressers!" That husband of mine - a very funny guy!}

You'd better believe that my mind INSTANTLY went into over-drive, trying to figure out the best use for these two new-to-us delicious organizing tools, er, dressers.
For starters, Jackson needed one. So I got to work, re-arranged his room, set up his old dresser in his closet to house puzzles and miscellaneous toys.
Perfect. I love when everything has a place to rest.

This makes me so very happy.

The second dresser is now taking up residence in our "guest bedroom slash office slash scrap booking room slash catch-all for every long-term project that never gets done" room.

And this weekend, I have a few HUGE projects, one of which is getting this catch-all room in order. You know, ORGANIZED.

I've already gotten a great jump on the attic. See. Way better than it was. Still a ways to go.

And here's the Narnia room. Again, way better than it was.

It's done and it's only Friday night.

And, well, the biggest of projects is only just in progress.

But that's okay.

I don't know about you, but I find that each night I have every intention, once the kids are down, of working on the 'longer term projects.'

Reality check.

That just doesn't happen and then months go by and all of a sudden things are a disaster. And honestly, that weighs on me. I hate being disorganized and cluttered. Goes against everything inside me.

But here's the deal and I've bought into it:

The advice I get from ANY mom whose kids are already out of the house is this:

"Clean your house less. Play with your kids more. They are young for only a moment and then you'll have too much time to be able to clean and you'd give ANYTHING to have a dirty/cluttered/disorganized house, just to have them young again.

And if I hadn't heard this too many times to count, I would ignore the advice and just work on my house, because honestly, I like things in order ... I mean, I really, really like things in order.

But, most every day I make the conscious choice to let some things go to focus on the two little love-bugs of my life.


amywb said…
I am like you - the clutter drives me mad. But I am also with you - missing precious moments would drive me madder. No one on their death bed ever said their biggest regret in life is that their house wasn't cleaner. I try to remind myself of this quite often.

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