A Chilly Day at the Gardens

It was a spontaneous and rather un-formed decision.
"Let's go to the Botanic Gardens tomorrow. I hear it's going to be in the 80s."

Well, not so much. Maybe the 50s. Very chilly.


It was still very fun. As always.

I will be coming back to this spot. Inviting, eh?

And Jackson loves this place, too. Look at him. Just gazin' at the loveliness.

Okay, you can't really tell, but the center of this flower was SO fuzzy. It was breath-taking. It was like a fat pipe-cleaner. I'll say it again. Isn't God SO creative?

No older siblings along so Judy and I just followed these two wherever their little legs took them.

We witnessed some sharing.

And some silliness.

And some adorable cuteness. I said to Judy's daughter Maddie, "Do you love your Mommy?" And she looked over at Judy and said, "Yes." So precious.

And some eating. {The tea biscuits were a smashing success.}

And just a tad bit more silliness.

Don't you just wanna eat them up?


Kacie said…
Totally adorable

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