After Supper Walks

Once SPRING hits, we do one of my favorite things ~~~ family walks after supper. I love this tradition. For me, it's that time of day that is usually the hardest, but somehow, when we're TOGETHER, outside, walking and riding and meandering towards the local park ... it's just the way it is supposed to be. And it's oh-so-sweet.

No agenda.

Stopping along the way to see flowers. By the way, these are our VERY FIRST TULIPS of this year.

{And they happen to be on our block at my friend Erin's home. How fun is that?}

And a fair percentage of the nights, Maddie leads the way on her bike, 'secretly' making her way toward the park. She thinks she's tricking us into going to the park. She sort of acts like, "Oh, look, we just happened on the park. I don't suppose we could stay and play, since we're here?"

Of course, sweet girl.

{I love this tradition.}


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