3 Parties for our 3-year-old

So this won't be a habit, but somehow this year Jackson ended up with 3 parties ... and I think it's only appropriate since he turned THREE. {I wonder if I get 40 parties because I'm turning 40? Actually, even I would say that would be just a bit too much cake for one gal!}

So Jackson and I started the day by baking his cake together. Very fun. He was very serious, taking his job as an important one.

I was just mentioning to my mom the other day that at Jackson's age, Maddie and I did a lot of baking and I just simply haven't taken the time to do that with Jackson. Today we baked together and it was so much fun. Back to those "Little things in life," ya know? He loved it. And not too much batter was flung around the kitchen. So that's good.

Maddie's former preschool and kindergarten teachers, Becky and Sara -- and now my friends -- came over with their 3-year-old boys, Jack and Triston, for a small little cake and ice-cream party. It was really more of an excuse just for us moms to get together! {They also brought along their scrumptious infants, both of which are too cute for words! Here's Grayson sucking his thumb.}The three of us blog so we laughed at ourselves as we were elbowing {just kiddin' ya} each other for perfect photo ops throughout the afternoon.

The boys played trains and did quite a nice job sharing. {I threatened Jackson ahead of time with no cake and ice cream if he didn't share - I know, bad, bad, mommy. But it worked!} The boys iced their own cake train cars. {Messy but very fun.}

They played a new fish game.
Maddie was my little birthday party helper, setting up the train scavenger hunt and playing the fish game with them. She did a great job with little Alice, too. She loves babies, especially baby girls. She keeps wondering why Jackson wasn't a girl. Sorry kid.

And near the end, they started launching themselves off the couch. That right there is the difference between a boy play-date and a girl play-date.

No crayons, dolls or tea parties with this bunch!

What a fun afternoon.

Little Buds.

Too cute.


becko said…
Thanks again for having us! Jack has been playing with his new little train all morning.It was great to spend some time with you and your wonderful family.
Mae said…
Loved this birthday party. The picture of Jackson and the mixer is great.
Anonymous said…
we had a blast! thx for having us over! T loves his train and told Charito every detail of the party when he got home from work.

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