Spring is at the Lake

Fifteen miles from THE LAKE, Jackson and Maddie began their steady string of comments, questions, and observations.

"Is that Frona's? I see THE LAKE! There's Grandpa's house!!! Can we ride on the boat? FRONA'S is coming around the next corner. I just KNOW IT!!!!!!!! YEAH. We're almost there!"

I found myself smiling in the front seat, so thankful that they have this DREAM WORLD to go to every Spring and Summer. THE LAKE holds a special place in their daddy's heart ... and their grandpa's heart ... and now, it has wiggled its way into their hearts, too.

As Maddie announced last week, "Mom, we're a summer family. We LIVE for summer!" {Hopefully we'll be known for a little more than that come the end of our lives, but you get the drift. We love summer.}

We were surprised to see this upon our arrival.
The docks were already in the water. Pops' dock was the first in on the lake. Followed by each of our neighbors. Now THAT is a sure sign of spring. Boats, please come quickly.

And of course, the view is beautiful no matter when, but ESPECIALLY when the sun is shining and the water is sparkling.

And a trip to THE LAKE would be incomplete without wandering down to Frona's Pantry for breakfast; our FAVORITE local eatery. We were greeted with hugs and hellos and "Welcome Back! It must be Spring!"

Miss Nicole, our favorite waitress.

"Oh thank you, thank you, Grandpa, for taking us to Frona's!"
Maddie's going through a stage where she hates getting her picture taken.

Here's "Frona" {or so the kids call her} with the kids.

{Oh, and Jackson was VERY upset that we couldn't visit Frona's Thursday night for supper. He just was NOT interested in hearing us say, "But it's not open right now, Jackson. It's closed until the morning." Ya, he wasn't buying that line of reasoning. He was CERTAIN that we were performing some sort of cruel and unusual punishment. To be THAT close to Frona's but not to be able to eat there. So VERY wrong. But in the morning, when we arrived, he loudly proclaimed, with a sigh of relief, "Frona's is OPEN."}


Jill said…
We had a couple days of almost 70 degree weather which is why the docks are back in. My hubby says that the lake has actually been quite "busy" for March with the early warmth we had. Looks like you guys had a great time :)
Alice said…
That is so cute. What great memories of a wonderful growing up your kids will have!

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