Some Day .... No More Pain

If you have the time, listen to this song, and then read the post. It'll put things into perspective. {Also, don't forget to go over to the side and pause my 'play list' so you don't end up listening to two songs at once.}

Chris Tomlin's "I WILL RISE"

At the concert on Saturday night, Chris {I'd like to think I'm on a first-name basis with him} played one of his newer songs, "I Will Rise." As we were singing, I couldn't help but think of
Alice's mother when I sang the words ... especially the words "No more sorrow, no more pain."

There is coming a day when Alice's mother will be free from all pain. While I don't want her to leave this earth, I so desperately want her pain to be finished. As I've said before, I hate that she is in excruciating pain. I hate that. So I cling to the promise from God that there is no pain in heaven. No tears. No suffering. Those things will be behind her and she will be in HEAVEN with her Creator and Maker and Redeemer and Saviour. Whom she loves DEEPLY. VERY DEEPLY.

I think in the last post I mentioned that being at that concert made me long for heaven like I've never longed before, and when this song was playing I thought, "You know, Alice's mom will be there soon, in HIS presence, singing with the angels to HIM. I cannot even begin to comprehend what that will feel like and be like. She will love it there. Couldn't we all just go with her?"

And as I've reflected on those thoughts since Saturday night I've felt that it was such a God moment in my life. Because up until then I've just had such a heavy, heavy heart for Alice, and the thought of her losing her mother has broken my heart. Every time I've thought of it. Every time. And then Saturday night it was like the Lord gave me a little taste of what heaven would be like, and I felt this peace sweep over me. That UNEXPLAINABLE PEACE. A peace that took away the sting of the sadness. {Don't get me wrong. The sadness is still here, for sure, but it's different somehow. I'm not sure I can even explain it.} It was like my perspective changed from myself, to Alice's mother some day in the near future being IN the very PRESENCE OF GOD. {I don't know; I'm doing a lousy job at expressing myself here...}

In any event, I thought it might be appropriate to take a few minutes to share a copy of the note I sent to Alice's mom this summer, as she celebrated her 75th birthday. {I was in Canada and couldn't attend the party.} This gives a bit of insight into who she is from my perspective. She is one AMAZING lady.

She has a quiet spunk ... a strong spirit ... a solid faith.

written August, 2008

Dear “Mama” N.,

When I think of you, these are the words that instantly pop into my mind: loving-kindness, gracious, outstanding listener, calming, gentle, stable, delightful, servant, hard worker, concerned about others and for sure, you are a Proverbs 31 Babe!

I have so many favorite memories of you, and most all of them revolve around the safety of your home in Wheaton and more specifically, being in your kitchen while you ‘did your thing!’

During college years, you were like a mom to me, because mine was 100s of miles away {in Canada}. Alice and I would arrive ‘home’ on a Friday evening and before we knew it, we’d be eating freshly baked cookies, drinking lemonade, sitting on the stool in the kitchen, spewing our boy troubles or school woes, with you patiently listening, and gently giving advice and comments. You treated me as you did Alice. I’d arrive and you’d give me a hug, too. I’d arrive and you’d be concerned about me, too. I’d arrive and you’d be joyful for my joys and sorrowful for my hurts, too. You were loving and accepting and welcoming. Thank you.

I was recently telling Jack that your family has been extremely influential in my life, perhaps in ways you would never even know. As a result of being in your home, I have a greater appreciation for art, classical music, family traditions, reading, quietness, serving others, politics, education, and faithfulness to the Lord.

Thank you seems rather inadequate for all you mean to me. While we don’t see you often these days, I certainly do think of you and thank the Lord for you and all you mean to me. May today be a rich testimony of you being the hands and feet of Jesus. You are loved deeply! Happy birthday to you.


This is Mama N. and myself at Alice's wedding back in the mid 90s {Oopsy. Alice, I forget the year - sorry}...

And Alice and her mother at a baby shower for Lucy... {Spring of 2003}

I would ask you to continue to pray for Alice, her mother, her father and her brother.

"And the peace of God, which transcends ALL understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:7


amywb said…
This is a beautiful post, Alysa. A reminder that the Father's love for us surpasses all, including our incredible love for each other.
Cleary said…
Alice said…
I know the peace you are talking about. I listened to the song all day yesterday (literally); I alternated it with "In Christ Alone." I also know much of the reason I have such peace is through your prayers, dear friend!

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