Seventy and Sunny

TODAY, all the people in Chicago are tooting their little yellow horns and shouting the Hallelujah Chorus from the tippy-tops of skyscrapers. I heard it with my own ears.

Seventy and Sunny.
It is absolutely beautiful. We need this. Actually, we DESERVE this. We endured winter.
So today's post is simply a pictorial reminder that SPRING is coming. It really, really is.

This flower was spotted on our block. Doesn't it just make you happy happy?
My favorite flower shoppe came through for me once again.

Maddie picked our neighbor's flower. Oops.

I made her promise not to do that again.

So now I'm heading outside to play.

It's just too beautiful to be indoors.


Alice said…
Isn't it fantastic?! We've been outside most of the day. I hear tomorrow it's supposed to be chilly and rainy, but oh well. I can't wait to hear what Hiyam thinks about Spring!

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