Quarter Cow and Half a Century

In an effort to "Go Green" {not really - it's more of an effort to save cash} I just went to the country and picked up our quarter cow.

Two laundry baskets of meat and now a big portion of our freezer is full of red meat.
De-licious! It's quite high-tech in my opinion. They package the meat in whatever size you'd like. They label the packages so you know what is hidden behind the white paper. AND, our name is stamped across every pack. It's like we're famous or something.

And how's this for a piece of equipment that just keeps on ticking. This freezer belonged to Jack's parents, and it was USED when they got it. They were married 40 plus years ... and we've had it for five years ... so we're thinking it might be half a century old. And to think that we're on microwave number two in eight years. And vaccum number three in half that many years.

They just don't make stuff like they used to.


Kacie said…
it's practically a dinosoar!

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