My Baby is THREE

Jackson turned THREE today. And with that statement, I'm simultaneously happy and sad. Happy because with every day older, he becomes more independent {well, in theory at least} and perhaps one day closer to becoming a really good sleeper {again, in theory}. And the part that makes me sad is the fact that my baby is, well, not a baby any more. He's a big boy. And he'll tell you he is. "I'm not baby Mommy. I a BIG boy."

Yes, you are sweet Jackson.

He's been big since the day he was born. Literally. NINE.POUNDS.THIRTEEN.OUNCES. {Gasp from all female readers.}
I thought I'd include a few early pictures of my little Buddy.

Jackson, at THREE ....

~ You are a snuggler. Every so often you come running over and say, "Snuggle, Mommy?" THAT makes my day.

~ You are a Mama's Boy. For whatever reason, you want to know I'm nearby. The last few weeks, as I tuck you into bed, you say, "Mama, no leave. Stay here."

~You are great at independent play. As long as you know I'm close, you will play all alone for a long time {like, for an hour at a time and I'm not exaggerating.}

~You are absolutely NUTS over Thomas the Train. You got a backpack from Gobbie and Grandpa for your birthday and you opened it and this was your expression, along with "Cooooool"

~ You are sweet natured, but in the last month or two you have decided to become VERY stubborn, insisting on things being done to your liking. You have begun sticking out your tongue at Daddy and Mommy. You say, "Stop it. Just stop it," if people are saying or doing something you don't want them to do/say. You say, "NO!" often. You're definitely testing your limits and seeing just how far you can push. Today, in the car you said, "Maddie, stop being SASSY." {Hmmm. Where DID he hear that from?}

~ You love playing chase and rough house with Daddy. As soon as he comes downstairs from work you ask him to play. And you giggle with delight as he chases you through the house.

~ You want to do it, by yourself. "I DO IT, MOMMY!" is often said, as you try to put on your rubber boots, or zip up your lunch box. Or anything really. You must do it by yourself.

~ You love going to Maddie's school, and you're actually quite popular there; everyone knows you and says, "Hi Jackson!" And you smile and march through the halls as if you own the joint, saying "Hi" in return.

~ You love jumping. You launch yourself off pretty much anything, with seemingly no fear.

~ You are riding your bicycle very well and you learned it very quickly.

~ You are fully potty trained and almost every night you are dry. Good job, Bud.

~ You do really well at imaginary play. You make your trains talk, even using different voices, making up little stories with them. Maddie never did this, and still doesn't, so this is a fun thing to see.

~ You hate when your hands are sticky or dirty. You want a napkin at every meal and you wipe your hands and mouth frequently. And you come to me and ask for me to wash your hands.

~ Your Sunday School teachers love you and always say how happy and sweet natured you are. As you leave, you go around and say, "Tank you," to each of them, giving good-bye hugs. You are melting their hearts, too.

~ You love music and are often humming and singing along to songs, especially upbeat ones {and 80s music}

~ You can sing your ABCs and can count to 10 but you always miss six. You know quite a few colours and you're beginning to enjoy colouring.

~ You do not like to be called "Jack." You correct us and say, "My name is Jackson. Not Jack."

~ When Mommy bumps into something and says "Ouch!" you come running and say, "You 'kay Mommy?" So sweet. So sensitive. So in-tune with other people's feelings. When Maddie cries you go over and try to give her a hug and you say, "Sorry, Maddie."

And that's a little summary of what you're up to Mr. Man. I wonder what this coming year will bring. No doubt plenty of smiles and laughs and snuggles and joy. You are my little delight. Truly, you are.

We love you to the moon and back, Jackson. {And as Maddie says, "But what does that actually mean, Mommy? I don't get it!"}

{I included this list of who Jackson is a three because these are all those little things that you never think you'll forget, but before too terribly long, the details slip your memory. I simply don't want to forget these "Little Things in Life."}


Alice said…
Oh, happy birthday Mr. JackSON! We love having you in our lives. And you know what they say about three: it's a two-year-old with a year's worth of experience. Looking forward to a year of fun!! :-)
Cleary said…
And I love how he says "you tired?" when someone around him yawns! LOVE THAT!!!
ailie said…
Wow, how can he already be three? He sounds like such a sweet boy, and he's so good looking! Watch out ladies!
amywb said…
Jackson sounds like quite a boy! And he reminds me a lot of Liam. I am very anxious to get them together this spring! Love the photo of him opening the Thomas backpack. Too cute. Also, he shares my wonderful, wonderful grandpa's birthday - who would have been 100 on Thursday if he were alive.

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