Monday in Canada

Another great day at Gobbie and Grandpa's. More reading. } surprise surprise { More snuggles. Mom joined curves a few months back so I joined her today. Great to meet her new friends. Would you just look at her go:
We're gearing up for a great day tomorrow. A morning play date at a farm for Maddie. And then a visit to another farm, complete with horse ride in the afternoon.
As I was tucking Jackson into bed tonight he was QUITE concerned that a chicken was going to bite his socks. Hmmmm. Where DID he get that one? I mean, I could understand if he would have said, "Mommy, I don't want the horse to bite me. Or, I don't want to get kicked by the cow." But really, a chicken biting his SOCK? I assured him that I would NOT let that happen. Wish me luck.

{Oh, and just in case you're wondering, I'm still being COMPLETELY spoiled by my folks. Mom's making all the meals. She's getting up with the kids in the morning. Dad continues to read, read, read to Jackson! I could get used to this.}


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