Love of Reading

It happened.

Tonight, I tucked Maddie into bed and told her she could stay up and read a few pages of her chapter book. {I told her she could read to the end of chapter 2 - page 20.}.

I came downstairs. I blogged. I facebooked. I emailed. And an hour and a half later she bounded down the stairs with book in hand and said, "I read the WHOLE thing Mommy. I just couldn't stop reading. It was SOOOO good."

I've been waiting for this moment!!!!! And tonight it happened. While she has read countless books on her own, this is the first chapter book that has really grabbed her and held her attention and made her get EXCITED about reading. I am SO tickled for her and told her I love that she just couldn't put her book down. Reading is SO MUCH FUN. Sometimes you just can't stop reading!!!!

Her smile was huge and proud and happy. My heart is full as I think of this exciting new stage she has just entered. Oh, the wonder of getting lost in a book. I love it!


Jacky Correll said…
Way to go Maddie

Grandpa Correll
Alice said…
Good job, Maddie! What book was it?

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