Jackson's First Little Prayer

The lights were out. He was tucked under his cozy blanket from Gobbie. I asked him if he wanted to pray and he said, "No. Mommy pray." So I prayed and asked him again if he wanted to pray. I said, "Just talk to God like you talk to Mommy."

So he said, "Kay." and proceeded to pray his very first 'solo' prayer, all by himself. No prompting. No repeating after me. Just from his little heart.

"Dear God,
Tank you for Maddie's cool {school}.
Tank you for Mrs. igiano, {Mrs. Viggiano}
the canny lady {I think he was reminding God who she was, just in case He forgot! Oh, and he grinned while saying her name. He LOVES the canny lady. I confess, my eyes were wide open, looking at him.}

And Maddie.

And Annaweese {Annalise}

The end."

And this melted my heart.


Jacky Correll said…
That's a great start! Way to go Jackson

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