Experiments Galore

On any given day, we have an 'experiment' going on. Actually, the "we" is technically Maddie. Just to clarify. {I'm simply along for the ride, and to clean UP the experiments when they get tipped over. I'm the 'quicker-picker-upper' in our home.}

Why just today, she came out of her room and said, "Mom, I need a paper clip, a string and some salt water and I'll make you a crystal." REALLY? Who knew?

Two weeks ago we had a 'worm farm' in a plastic shoe box on our back porch. They all died. Oopsy.

Awhile back we had some sort of experiment goin' on in our freezer. Various plastic cups with coloured water in each. Never did figure out what we were trying to accomplish with that one. {Except, seeing this picture makes me realize I could work on organizing my freezer - a new concept.}

Water in little paint cups. Why, I don't know, but Maddie was convinced she was creating something amazing.

I love her curiosity. I love her creativity. I love her sense of 'wonder.'

{I hope you never, ever lose these traits, Maddie. You amaze me.}


Alice said…
She and Lucy would have a blast playing together. Your freezer looks like mine. Actually, yours looks a little better. Once I opened mine and there was a little pink plastic pig in there. Why? The world will never know.

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