Chris Tomlin Concert - Ah-MAZe-ING

{I recognize that no words I write can describe the event we went to on Saturday night, so I'll keep it brief and hope that some day, you too can experience what we experienced.}

This is how we celebrated our 9th anniversary ....

In concert with
Chris Tomlin and a sold-out Chicago crowd.

Honestly, it was the BEST concert I've ever been to. The concert wasn't about Chris Tomlin. It was about God and how AMAZING God is. The concert was hope-filled. The concert made me just LONG for heaven. I really can't put into words how moving this experience was. It was as if God Himself were right there with us, delighted to hear thousands upon thousands of people singing to HIM. Not Chris Tomlin singing to us ... but US singing to GOD. It was one of those moments where you realize that it is UNDENIABLE that there IS a GOD and HE is ALL. And He made each of us with a void that can ONLY be filled by HIM.

I so wish you could have gone with us.

It was a relatively pricey ticket by the time you add in taxes and hidden fees (grrrr) and parking ... however ... it was worth EVERY-LAST-PENNY ... and if you get the chance, GO. Your world will be changed.

We joked, prior to going, that Cleary was joining us on our anniversary night ---- how romantic ---- but we wouldn't have had it any other way. What a JOY it was to share such an amazing evening with such a dear, dear friend.

I included one song in this post - check it out and see what you think. The story behind this song is AMAZING.

God of This City: {Oh, and go to my sidebar and PAUSE my play-list or you'll be listening to two songs at once}


Amber said…
"God of This City" became one of my favorite songs last summer after hearing the story behind it at a conference....and then singing it with thousands of others at the top of my lungs. Here's a link to the story.

Sounds like you had a great time at the concert!!
Kacie said…
Oh how fun. I love Chris Tomlin and I love "God of this City". It makes me tear up every time.
Cleary said…
It was an AWESOME night - I love you guys!
Jill said…
Chris Tomlin is amazing. We sing a lot of his songs at our church - including "God of this City" which is an amazing song with such a wonderful message. Glad you had a fabulous time!
Kacie said…
Oh, actually I love Megan's voice too! It's sort of husky and unique, and I love it even though most people don't. However... she hasn't performed very well to highlight that awesome voice, so .... I don't think she necessarily deserves to be there.

What, Matt is a worship guy too? That's crazy. So are Danny and Michael Sarver (who just got voted off). I love it how Christians always make it big in AI because we love to sing!

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