Birthday Celebration #1

So, in fine keeping with my love of birthdays, Jackson had his first of several birthday parties. You can NEVER have enough celebrations. NEVER.

Mom and Dad had a little party for him on Tuesday night, complete with spaghetti (his personal favorite), a TRAIN birthday cake and a THOMAS backpack loaded with Thomas paraphernalia. He was in three-year-old-heaven. He gave big hugs and "Tank Yous" {Isn't it appropriate that his "thank" comes out as "tank"; as in Thomas the TANK Engine? I wonder if he is secretly able to say thank but chooses to say tank in keeping with his theme?}

Anyway, here's a pictorial summary of his first three-year-old birthday party. Enjoy.

And every big sister needs to lend a helping hand. Right, Aunt Becky?

As he opened his card he said, "Coooool!!!" {And proceeded to say it again and again throughout the night.}

Complete surprise! A dream come true.

Trying to SEE Thomas on his back.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for a great start to Jackson's birthday week!


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