Who Knew

I didn't know. I really didn't. In fact, I'm still kind of in shock.

You see, I was with my friend Denise on Saturday and she made this statement. "You know that your eyes begin to change when you're 40." To which I smugly replied, "Ya, but I'm not forty yet. That's you and Jack that are forty." To which she said, "Just try these reading glasses on." To which I said, "Ya, but I'm NOT forty yet." To which she said, "Just try."

So I tried them on.


I put the glasses on, and read a sentence and it was AMAZING. Like, the words were NOT fuzzy. They were AS.CLEAR.AS.CRYSTAL. It's unbelievable. How long have I been struggling to read and I didn't even KNOW it.

We laughed a good belly laugh and realized that 39 and 2/3rds is probably pretty close to 40 ... and so, my eyes have begun the downward slope. No way.

The upside is, there are some REALLY cute reading glasses out there. So I'm now on the hunt for 1.25 ... and square. We decided that look suited me. Made me look, well, FORTY. And if I'm going to have 40-year-old eyes, I might as well look like a sassy 40-year-old, right?


Cleary said…
You will definitely be able to pull off 40 and SASSY - and still be beautiful. Lucky you it took this long - I've been wearing glassed for 15 years!
Alice said…
Having been blind as a bat and wearing glasses since I was 10, I can't really relate--but the last time I was at the eye doctor, she said something like, "At your age, you really need to take good care of your eyes." AT YOUR AGE! The nerve.
Julie said…
That is hilarious Alysa.
I can't wait to see your sassy new glasses! You will post something on the subject - a self portrait of major sass and style and yet to be forty. And I fully expect they will go great with your favourite sassy yellow jacket?
Mae said…
Yes, the glasses will definitely go with your sassy yellow jacket. Mom

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