I do love Valentine's Day. Perhaps a helpless romantic at heart? Or maybe I'm just simply into hearts these days? Either way, we've had a grand time baking and crafting and valentine-ing.

These are my valentine cookies 'cuz I wanted to have fun decorating, too. Maddie wasn't all that impressed because there weren't any sprinkles on them. To which I say, "Sprinkles, Schminkles. They're over-rated."

So I saw this idea on a Family Fun website {and I just have to throw in the fact that there was a blaring ad right beside this kid-friendly cupcake that said, "Are you a mom bomb?" As in a hottie. So I said to myself. MAYBE, but it's none of your business!}

Anyway, back to the cupcakes. You put the batter into the cupcake paper and then slip a wadded-up piece of aluminum foil, the size of a big marble, down the side to create a heart look. Very fun. Very easy. It worked pretty well but wasn't quite as noticeably a heart as I thought it might be. {Excuse the blur.}

And here they are in finished form {I embellished a tad with the piped-on hearts and heart candies} ... Very cute. Very easy and I hope they're a hit at Maddie's class party tomorrow.

i LOVE seeing Maddie's little creative mind and spirit come to life as she flutters about, getting supplies and using LOTS and LOTS of sprinkles. She's like me. She likes to have all her options so that when the mood strikes, the creating can happen.

She wanted to make heart cookies for her classmates, to include in their fun goodie bags, so here she is, hard at work. SPRINKLES are a girl's best friend.

And I had extra 'red velvet' cake batter leftover from the 12 cupcakes needed for her party, so I thought to myself, "Self, I should make a HEART cake." So that's what I did.

And then I dolled it up a bit, 'cause you can never have enough HEARTS. {Maddie insisted on the heart candies along the edge.}

And here are Maddie's fun gift bags, which include a pencil, a cookie, a homemade valentine and her picture valentine {details below} ...

She worked hard on these over the last few days. {Note to self: start early because this little project, shall we say, GREW, as Maddie's little creative streak flourished.}

So here area couple of shortcuts worth taking every single year from here on out:

  • My new favorite - Walgreens makes these personalized 'picture' valentines that are WAY cheaper than the little packs you buy for 3 bucks. These were 7 cents each ... including envelopes. And, it took them all of about 10 minutes to get them printed while I wandered around the store.

    Very fun. Definitely will be doing this again in the years to come.

  • Sugar cookies in a package - I usually do these from scratch, and while they are yummier, 1st graders don't know the difference and this saved a tonne of time. I made them while Maddie was at school on Thursday and when she came home, she decorated. Perfect.

So that's our Valentine's WEEK fun.

Start early to avoid stress.

Spread out the love.

Enjoy the memories made.


Mae said…
What a fun time you and Maddie had. I love it that she wants to do special things for her classmates and you are there helping her and encouraging her.
Jill said…
You are so creative Alysa - wow! How awesome. I think the cookies (even without the sprinkles) are darling! Glad you had a nice time with Maddie..that's the best part!

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