Quirk Number 252

So here's yet another crazy quirk about me.

I am so VERY easily inspired and excitable.

Really. It's true. You could be selling Dixie cups and if you're excited about it, chances are I'll somehow get excited about it.

I need to STOP being so easily inspired. Step away from the inspiration. Why? Because I keep adding to my PILES of stuff to do. Good stuff, but still more stuff to do.

So this brings me to the thing that I'm currently inspired to do. I have all these friends that are learning to knit and crochet (or are avid knitters and have recently posted pictures of what they are knitting). Check out this and this and this.

I think I must learn, too. It just seems like the thing to do in the middle of this ridiculously cold Chicago winter.

I tried once. To crochet that is. I think I was "nesting" at the time; I began a baby blanket for Number One Kid and, ya, I didn't finish it. {See, I do have follow through issues - remember my word for the year?} But it WAS going to be cute. I promise.

{And it is in my GENES. My Grandma C. was an AMAZING knitter (or crocheter - I can't remember which but I have several beautiful blankets and scarves that she made. Dad, which was she?) And my mom is an incredible crocheter. We have countless afghans around our home that she made.}

So who knows; maybe I'll get back at it ... right after I start scrapbooking again. And writing more. And finishing my Tetris game. Oh, and sleeping would be a nifty craft to attempt.


Dad said…
She was always crocheting something - from blankets to doilies (sp).My grandma Correll and grandma Matteson both crocheted also.

By the way I read your next blog before this one and I think Maddie's braids are great.

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