An Ordinary Week

Just an ordinary week with an extra-ordinary ending.

The extra-ordinary ending being the fact that I'm sitting in a delightful hotel room, blogging, watching t.v., just hanging out in the peace and quiet {read: kid-free-zone}. I love hotels. I really, really do. Something about being pampered. My friend Denise is in town and was getting a hotel room for the night, and had a dinner already planned, so we hung out all day and now I'm in her room while she's out to din-din. {I love that my husband recognizes my need to escape from time-to-time. I really do love him so very, very much.}

The ordinary week was really just that: uneventful. Nothing too exciting to report, so perhaps that's why I've not done much blogging.

Maddie got her hair cut. Too cute. It was her decision - she was tired of the tangles in her hair. And to think, after I just learned how to French Braid. The nerve of her.

Oh, she then promptly got sick that night, so I guess that was some spice in the week. Friday she stayed home from school so it seemed the perfect time to introduce her (and Jackson) to "Anne of Green Gables." It didn't disappoint.

I've been doing a lot of uploading Irian pictures onto Facebook, which has been a tonne of fun. I've loved hearing people's take on the pictures. The memories they have. The memories we all share over common events. I can't wait to begin blogging about those memories.

Here are just a couple pics to whet your appetite.

My dear Dani friend "Gordon." Don't ask.

Road-side fruit stand in Bali.

Dani men in Pyramid {a highland village}.

Mom and I when she came to visit for 6 weeks {June '98}

Village kids bringing fresh flowers each morning in Pogapa.

One of my absolute FAVORITE pictures I took in Indonesia. Beautiful, beautiful children.

Enjoy your weekend.


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