Just a Normal Day With Jackson

I swear.
I left him alone for 9.2 seconds.
And THIS is what I came back to:

When I LEFT the room, the apple and the sharp knife were both on the counter. When I RETURNED less than 10 seconds later ... Well, the picture shows them BOTH on the floor, with the apple having LOTS of cuts in it; cuts that I did not make. OH MERCY.

And THIS picture shows a very full gallon of orange juice with NO lid on it, at the TOP of the carpeted stairs ... The reason I came back into the room was his call for orange juice. OH MERCY AGAIN.

I'm VERY thankful I listened to his beckoning and came upstairs to help him get the orange juice that WAS in the fridge.

Oh, and THIS is a pretty typical site.

Climbing and jumping and diving and squirreling around like a monkey on drugs. But you've gotta love him - he's too darn cute!


Mae said…
He is definitely too darn cute!
Connie said…
Oh do I feel your pain. I have three, jumpy, squirrley, climby little monkeys swinging around my house. I came into the kitchen yesterday and my 2 year old had put oranges in the microwave and STARTED it....

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