How I Felt Yesterday

So THAT is how I felt yesterday. {From about 4:00pm straight through 5:30pm.} And apparently, Jackson and Maddie felt the EXACT.SAME.WAY.

Honestly. It was a rough couple of hours. My only consolation was the fact that some other mother, somewhere on the face of the planet, was most probably experiencing the same thing. The EXACT.SAME.THING.

So when Jack came down at 5:30pm I promptly exited the scene, without eating supper, and went down to our bedroom and laid in bed, in the pitch dark, for two hours, ALONE. ... I didn't sleep. I just laid there in silence. And it felt so good to be alone and quiet. And sans little people.

I needed that. And felt bad about needing that. And then felt worse about being a lousy mommy.

But eventually I emerged from my cave and Jack said, "Well the good news is that tomorrow is a NEW DAY."

{And since I'm writing this the next day, it WAS a NEW DAY. A much better day.}


Mae said…
I'm sorry that you had such a hard day. I was reading Psalm 91 this morning. It is one of my favorites and I have used it a number of times. Mom
Alice said…
Yeah, it's a good thing the kids will be all hyped up from Valentine candy these next couple days too! :-)

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