French Braids

I did it. All by myself.My friend Becky taught me how to French Braid this afternoon and now I can do it. I practiced when we got home ... I'm not saying they look perfect or anything. Far from it.

But, I'm thinking I might count this as my "KNITTING" experience for the year. It's sorta like knitting, right?

This is one of those things that is very important to Maddie ... and I promised myself I would learn this year. And I did. I think she's proud of me and that feels oh-so-good!

I actually ATTEMPTED to learn this skill a few months ago {when Maddie expressed her extreme displeasure in the fact that I couldn't do "fancy braids"} by looking at books that explain how to create them. But I can't learn like that. I need someone to SHOW me how to do something and then I can do it. Take playing games for instance. My mom and Jack, they take out the directions and read them and figure out how to play. I, on the other hand, read a good magazine while they figure out the rules and then they explain them to me as we do a 'practice round.' Rules overwhelm me. {In more ways than one.}

So a big thank you to Becky for SHOWING me how to do French Braids. She's my hero today! She's a groovy gal - go check out her blog.


ailie said…
Alysa, they look perfect! I don't know how to French braid either. Jacinda was always the braider. You can teach me someday if I ever have a girl.
Tanya said…
Good, now Alysa you can teach me!!! 8-)
Julie said…
They DO look perfect! Beautiful!!! Well done. We'll have to get together for a knitting session ... I think hats are easier than scarves ... don't ever quit being inspired!! There's LIFE in inspiration. :o)
Anonymous said…
yay for mommy n maddie!!!!

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