Every Night is a Rough-housing Night

Jackson is CRAZY about rough-housing with Jack. It's his favorite thing to do. Seriously. He jumps up and down after supper yelling, "Ruff-house Daddy. Ruff-house."

They chase. They jump. They spin.

They tumble. They try daring new moves.

They turn-up-side-down.

They make me dizzy just hearing their motion.

But Jack 2 and Jack 3 love it.

I love that dads and moms do parenting differently. Kids NEED the differences. Jack's so good at playing with them. And I'm so good at wiping bottoms.

{Hmmm. That doesn't seem fair, people.}

Oh, and speaking of bottoms. Today was a big step in the potty training department. Jackson got his pants and undies off ALL BY HIMSELF, got on the potty alone, and found the toilet paper. See.

So while on one hand it's great that he can now do it himself, it does add for a bit more work for me.

But that's okay. I'm all about raising independent children.

I actually love the words, "I DO IT" and I secretly can't wait until they say, "I do it. I fix my own breakfast, lunch and supper." {Ya, like that's ever gonna happen!}

I'll love those 3 little "I DO IT" words forever; or at least until he wants the keys to the car. That'll be a whole 'nother ball of wax. Most definitely.


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