A Very Cold Winter's Day

It's negative 10 right now, and with the wind chill it feels like negative 28. So today was the day that I FINALLY broke out my winter jacket.

Until 8am this morning, my black-fleece-zip-up-thin-sweat-jacket-thingy and a vest over top of that sufficed. And honestly - although my husband doesn't believe me - I've been completely fine. My face is the only thing that sometimes gets chilly. I rarely wear gloves and even more rarely do I don a hat. I don't usually get cold and I most certainly come by this naturally.

You see, my dad is a veritable furnace. My visual picture of him in the winter is him in a white, short-sleeved t-shirt, his blue Levi jeans and black belt, and his light tan moccasins .... WHILE OUT SNOW BLOWING THE DRIVEWAY.

I'm not kidding. Totally serious. This is what he did every snowy winter day in Northern Ontario, all during my growing up years. And on a really cold day, he might throw on a light jacket that was NOT zipped up. I don't remember him in gloves (maybe he had them but I don't remember them), no hat. Bare necessities only. {I will say, however, that when we pulled up at midnight on Dec. 23rd, just a few weeks ago, he was out shoveling the drive and he had a warm jacket and gloves on - I think he's getting wimpy in his old age!}

I digress.

For whatever reason, tonight I'm chilled. Like, I can't get warm kind of chilled. So I'm snuggled up all cozy-like with the only pair of warm socks that I own - a nice soft pink - and my HT {Heated Throw}. And as a brief aside, HT is a brilliant invention. My new best friend.


All I need now is a nice Diet Coke {because a hot drink would make me too hot} and I'd be good-to-go.


Oh, and we had our weekly "breakfast for supper" tonight, which happened to be 'train' pancakes. {or "panpakes" as Jackson calls them}

Jack's dad sent these fun cookie cutters so Jackson was thrilled to eat a train. In fact, he had his 'freight car' eaten before everyone else got to the table. Very fun. {And in case you're wondering, cookie cutters also work very well on sandwiches. A good way to spice up those lunchboxes.}

Let's see. What else. Oh, today I ran into an old friend from my early 20s. Her daughter and Maddie both happened to be in the same testing group for the CPS magnet option. It was great to catch up. We both commented on how we can't believe that so many years have passed; it seems like a life-time ago that we were young and single and carefree, flitting about Chicago, just having fun.

I must secretly admit that I WISHED I had showered this morning and taken the time to do my hair and makeup and worn a decent outfit. I know, vain and just a wee little bit shallow. But really, when you haven't seen someone in over a decade, you wanna be looking relatively good, right? Oh well. So that was a bummer, but I'm over it {and think I was over it approximately one minute after we ran into each other in the bathroom.}

So that was my ordinary winter day. Only 60 plus days to go and maybe we'll see a hint of spring around these here parts. Spring can't come soon enough.

Here's a thought. Why don't you use this blue container to box up the stuff in your garage so you can park in there? {Oh, and please don't hate me if you're one of those that doesn't use your garage - I'm just trying to find something fun to do during these drab winter months. That's all. How about you make fun of me by asking me why I didn't shower today? We all have our issues!}


Mae said…
I'm sitting right now under my HT and am about ready to get my diet coke. Thanks for this good blog. Mom
Dad said…
I did wear gloves most of the time. Shoveling snow is about the only thing I can do with gloves on.


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