Today was a HARD Day

I don't even know where to begin. I'm not sure why today was so hard, other than I was dealing with a 2-year-old that was DEFINITELY trying to force his little will on me. He was very defiant and opinionated and stubborn. He was hitting me and kicking me and screaming and yelling and wouldn't respond to any sort of discipline. So infuriating. I knew it was a bad day when I caught myself, several times, just staring out the window, into the cold, winter, just wishing I could leave the house and not come back any time soon. At one point I heard myself, saying out loud, "I'm about to give up." It's bad when a little two-year-old has you beat.

As strong as Maddie is, Jackson is 10x stronger willed. He, is a classic "Strong Willed Child." I will be rushing right out and buying James Dobson's book, maybe even tomorrow. I need help.

The day started in the fives, with Jackson coming down to our room, and then me bringing him back up to his room, telling him that indeed, it was still the middle of the night. He fought it, but I eventually got him to stay there. For about, 3 minutes, when he traipsed back into our room. So, I took him upstairs AGAIN ... and I think I repeated that 3 times.

I should have known THEN, that today was going to be rotten.

I did get to the gym, and had an extra long workout. Not because I wanted to work out longer, but because I wanted to be away from the madness of mothering.

Somewhere, in the middle of the day, Jackson got into a very large tub of Vaseline ... I knew it was quiet, but I was relishing that for just a brief 10 minutes. Ya, I shouldn't have, because I spent the next 30 minutes rescuing Thomas the Train and Gordon and James from GOBS of Vaseline. On a better day I might have even seen the humour in this. But not today.

So, it was just a rough one today. Nothing more to say than the fact that I'm glad this day is behind me.

This picture is from months ago, and it makes me smile. It's kind of how I felt today.

I'm hopeful that tomorrow will be better.

I'm going to bed.


Anonymous said…
i am trying everything in my power to NOT LET today be one of those days for me! i feel it in my bones...
dad said…
You just needed dad and he just needed grandpa to help out reading Thomas and playing. There will be days like this but thankfully they are not everyday.


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