Procrastination Be Gone

I did it. No turning back now. Nails are clipped SHORT and the guitar is in my possession.

Thanks to Kat's inspiration at our Annual Irian Christmas Party in December, and the fact that last year she taught herself how to play the guitar, I am doing the exact same thing. She completely inspired me. I'm officially calling myself a "Copy Kat." Get it. That was funny, people. [Jack, you've got to admit that was a good one - at least for me. I'm usually not the clever one around our home but I came up with that one all on my own. Seriously, I did.]

So clipping my nails is indeed a sacrifice in my estimation, but one I'm willing to make as I'm pushin' forty and I need to cross this goal off my "Life Goals List."

I have the guitar in our house. See. Proof.

And I'm on the hunt for some chord sheets and then voila, I will begin teaching myself to play.

This, my friends, has been on my "Life Goals List" for YEARS. It's right up there with sky-diving and running a 5K. [I have to stop procrastinating and actually write my post about my 5k experiences from two summers ago. They were, shall we say... hell ... but, I learned a lot about myself through them.]

Anyway, back to the guitar. I love the guitar. Absolutely love it. Music speaks to me - somewhere deep in my soul - and I've always been drawn to the guitar. Always. It is definitely portable. (okay, it's really not THAT portable, but it's easier than say, a piano!). It's versatile. I mean any sound you want, any style you want. (Okay, I suppose most instruments are like that, too.) It is easy to learn. Or at least I'm telling myself that. (I mean, it's not the harp - that can't be easy, right?)

So, you heard it here first. My goal is to be able to play "Happy Birthday to ME" in June this year. And maybe for Alice, too, if she's lucky. Why not? Aim low, my friends, aim low!

Free Bird anyone?


Alice said…
Oh, you're gonna have to show me how to put videos on the blog. I tried, but haven't figured it out.

I can't wait to hear Happy Birthday! And wow, your nails. That is a true sacrifice!
Anonymous said…
"Copy Cat"... (sigh)... ok, if I would've come up with that you wouldn't have given me even a smile.

Freebird - let me know when you have that one down.


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