Pile Invasion

{I'm about to reveal my house in a state that it normally isn't in, and that I normally can't tolerate. But, refugees and Cookie Weekend and Thanksgiving and Christmas and returning from being gone 10 days and school starting again all happened and my organized little life unraveled. Which is okay for a short season, but I can't stand when that happens and I really must live within the confines of order.}

I'm not sure what happened, but I was rather depressed when I came upstairs this morning. My life felt like this.

A pile.

I feel like I have a million piles, all of which I start to take care of and then get distracted and by the time I get back to it, the pile has metastasised.Any one else feel like this? These were everywhere.



I just wanted to go back to bed. Seriously.
I really do HATE starting out the day with mess. I WISH I would have just worked on Sunday to clean up the piles. However, I'm TRYING to take Sunday as a day of no work. Well, in reality that isn't possible, as meals still need to be made, and children still need to be tended to, and potty training still needs to happen. But any of the EXTRA stuff I'm trying to let go. But after this morning I thought I'd maybe take back that promise I made to myself. We'll see how that goes.

But, by the end of the day, most of the piles were gone. Thankfully.

On a happier note, one of my TWO main goals this week got done today. On a Monday none-the-less. Not sure how that happened. This linen closet outside our upstairs bathroom is usually in order but over the last 3 months it has gotten COMPLETELY out of hand.

So, in about 30 minutes, with two-year-old in tow, I was able to turn it into THIS.
I'm always amazed at how little time it really does take to do something.

It feels SO GOOD to finish this project on my longer-term "To Do" list. Now, if I can just keep the momentum rockin' for say, another 11.5 months.

Oh, the other thing on my list to accomplish this week is

THIS DISASTER ZONE. Our back porch.

You know, that "catch-all" zone where stuff gets dumped ... and dumped ... AND DUMPED.

{Especially in the freezing cold, when everyone is trying to take off their boots without stepping in the snow and getting wet feet.}
So, by the end of the week {my goal is Friday} it will be back to neat and tidy. HOPEFULLY.

Of course I've been saying that for 6 weeks now. But this time, I really, REALLY mean it.

So what's on your list to do this week?


Alice said…
I took a brief break from all of the piles I am cleaning up to read this. And there is a laundry pile that goes up past the door of the dryer that I need to fold. I don't know how you're doing it with a 2-year-old in tow. The 3-year-old I have in tow follows me around and undoes everything just as I have finished doing it. Sigh.
lizwiththree said…
to take all the piles in my house and go through them too-i'll think of you while i do my piles.
Julie said…
I'm doing piles today too!! Although ... I really don't think I'll ever recover. I find a sense of comfort in my piles you see ... I'm sort of a 'messy' ... at least in other's eyes. However, I know exactly what is in every single pile. When I put the pile away ... I can't find stuff! It's a bad bad character flaw but it is what it is. I do get rid of them - like today - but they will be back tomorrow ... it's like they're an old friend. Nice and comfy and right at home. :o)
anika said…
:) piles.. yes, laundry is a thorn in my flesh and it is growing ... in bursts and clumps all around my home.. JUST when I think i have it contained I locate another "growth" under a child's bed or next to a husbands night stand... or by the coat rack, or somewhere.. I am also trying to debook my shelves (I have book issues) and we hope to put the house on the market at some point.. Shelves bursting the way mine do, isn't a selling feature, so today I packed 8 small boxes and 3 big boxes of books, 3 big boxes of games (the ones we don't HAVE to have) and bins of clothes..
unless you KNOW me really well, you'd never guess a single book was taken off a single shelf..
relating to your mess...
<>< nika
amywb said…
good to know so many people relate to this. it's so easy to think I am the only one with the out-of-control piles!
Amber said…
Piles, piles, piles! The story of my life. :) I think they bother me as much as they bother you. We spent an entire evening this week sorting through the pile of miscellaneous paperwork. Now that the clutter is more under control, I should move on to the piles of dust bunnies.

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