New Year's Tradition

Every year I look forward to our annual New Year's Tradition, and it never disappoints. On the way back from Canada we stop in at our cousins' home - Jeff and Cleary - for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Lots of fun was had, from good food and wine, to playing Wii and pool, to lots of visiting and catching up on life.

But perhaps the HIGHLIGHT of this particular year was when we -- the four adults -- looked at each other, and exclaimed with a certain amount of glee; "There are FIVE kids in this house and we are sitting down -- around the table -- playing cards -- in the MIDDLE of the afternoon." You've gotta be kiddin' me!

Could it be? Have we crossed the threshold? You know, the one in which the kids can basically fend for themselves so the adults can get back to being adults? We weren't changing diapers. We weren't keeping crawlers away from the stairs and chokers away from choke-ables. We weren't breast-feeding or burping babies or losing our sanity. We were simply sitting around a table, eating tortilla chips and salsa, playing card games, laughing, and talking without interruption, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON.
Wait. Let me just say that one more time --- IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON.

Now THAT, my friends, was a FANTASTIC way to begin 2009. I have a feelin' it's gonna be one de-LIGHT-ful year!

Oh, and I think a very close second HIGHLIGHT was having such a good visit with Cleary [pronounced Clare-ee].

We always have great visits but this one was particularly great. We got to talking about Cleary's time she spent in Wales in high school and I just loved it. I loved learning about a part of her life that I know nothing about and seeing pictures of her in the 80s! We've said several times in the past that it's weird to think that we've really only known each other since my wedding in 2000. So we have a lot of catching up to do!

We met through our husbands (who are first cousins) and hit it off immediately. She's one of those people that instantly makes you feel at home. She's gracious and thoughtful and fun to be with. She can always be found running a meal to a mom-or-family-in-need. She's a quiet servant, helping others but never wanting recognition for all the work that she does. She's easy to talk to and she's a phenomenal listener. I mean, I think she's the best listener on the planet. She really, really is.

She asks great questions and cares about what is important to others. I affectionately refer to Cleary as my "resource friend". She's the one that I call when I have a question about mothering or illness or educational toys or good books to read. She's a wealth of knowledge, that Cleary girl is! She's great at remembering what is important to you, or what you've been struggling with, and without fail, when we talk she asks how things are going with such-and-so, whatever it was that was on my mind the last time we visited.

I am BLESSED ABUNDANTLY to have Cleary in my life. I look forward to many, many more happy memories made with her in the years to come. Happy New Year, my dear, dear friend!


Amber said…
I'm glad you had a great New Year's! I had to chuckle when I read the part about "crossing a threshold"---I am SO far from that point where there will be no more diapering, spit-up-wiping, etc. I'm enjoying where I am, but thanks for the reminder that it's just a life stage. :) Have a great 2009!!

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