Just a Normal Sunday


So, I've lost four pounds since January 2nd. Two the first week. Two last week. Feels great. Long way to go, but I'm baby-steppin' it. I love my gym membership. I'm so thankful for that luxury in my life. Only 36 to go. 36x40.

Isn't this just a great picture?

I mean, it is ice and all, but nevertheless, pretty cool. You never know what you're going to see when visiting the drive-thru at McDonalds.


Seemed like it was a productive day today. Had a roast for lunch. Hiyam got her laundry done. Jack covered two chairs they found in the alley. {He's my Renaissance Man.}

We spent almost four hours doing job searches online for Hiyam using these two pictures for her on-line applications. Isn't she cute!

Church was amazing today. Very convicting. We're doing a series called "30 Days to Live" ... One month to a no-regrets life. If you only had 30 days to live, how would you spend those days? Today's topic was "Loving Completely." The bottom line for me was the fact that some day we will stand before God and He will ask us: "Did you love people? Did you pay attention to people? Did you do the work I had planned for you?"
We were challenged to:
a) Pay attention to the people that other people ignore.
b) Be generous with your life
c) Pay attention to God
d) Don't miss the opportunities to touch the people that need a touch from God
e) Jesus pays attention to YOU. He sees you. He knows what you're going through. I kept thinking of Hiyam and her need for a job as I heard Robbie saying this. Jesus KNOWS her situation. He sees her. He LOVES her.

And here's a tear-jerker video that they showed in church this morning. Talking about love. And the sanctity of life. I'm not sure there was a dry-eye in the place. Whew. Very touching.

After I watched this video I wanted to grab my children and NEVER let go. I wanted to thank God for the safety and health of my children.

I wanted to put an end to abortion.

I wanted to LOVE without expecting love in return.

I was reminded, yet again, of those that JESUS loves and SEES ... the widows ... the orphans ... the starving children all around the world ... the homeless ... And I can't help but ask myself this burning question: "What are you going to do about it, Alysa? Do the work that God has called you to do."

Today's sermon was life-giving to me. Exciting. Sort of a kick-in-the-booty to FOLLOW THROUGH. See, there's that word God gave me for 2009. Now I just need to stop playing TETRIS and work on a game plan for all the ideas floating around in my head!


amywb said…
that video really touched me. thank you so much for sharing it.

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