Jackson's Got A Girlfriend

Jackson's got a girlfriend and her name is
"Canny Lady." {Candy Lady}

She's a cute, red-headed, spunky gal who gives him candy -- every morning and afternoon.

She loves him to pieces, and when she spots him she says, "Well there he is There's my boyfriend."

And the feelings are mutual. After he has a visit with her he often says, "I luff her," in the happiest little two-year-old voice. Just yesterday, once we settled back into the car, he exclaimed from the back seat, "Canny Lady make happy me." {I love his little sentences.}

When she's not in her office, we hunt her down in the school kitchen and he races across the gym in order to give her a hug. And then he takes her hand, and walks back to her desk to get his "canny."

So this morning was a bit of a showdown. On the way to school, Jackson threw THE.BIGGEST.FIT.EVER.
All because he didn't get the Ziploc of cheerios that he was demanding. So I warned him and said, "If you don't stop screaming and yelling and kicking your legs, you will NOT get to see the candy lady this morning." Mean, I know. But nothing else was working. And, in a fit of craziness, he continued to yell.

So, I had to follow through. Bummer. I hate when they don't cooperate.

In any event, I told him he would not get to see her because he did not obey Mommy ... and then came the uncontrollable sobbing. You know, the sounds that come from deep within their little bodies that seem like their right arm has just been severed by a chain saw. Ya, pleasant. Anyway, he finally settled down. Finally.

So we went into the school, dropped Maddie off in her classroom, and started walking out of the school, because this mean Mama was NOT going to let him get away with screaming fits ... He promptly said, in his oh-so-sweet little voice, "Canny Lady?"

To which I said, "No. You chose to disobey Mommy so you can't see her this morning." So he started to cry, but that's when I threatened that if he continued he would not get to see the Candy Lady that afternoon either. And you know what ... he INSTANTLY stopped, pulled himself together, and was pleasant the rest of the day.

That follow through thing works. As hard as it is, it really does work.

So, the whole way back to school this afternoon Jackson said, "Jackshun obey. I see Canny Lady." And I assured him that because he had obeyed he would get to see his Canny Lady.

He ran into her arms, gave her a big hug, and picked out his favorite candy ... and she snuck a second candy into his little pocket. Their little secret game. Lucky boy.

So precious. This is one of those, "Little Things in Life." You know, the seemingly insignificant, yet somehow profoundly meaningful. Someone taking a minute out of their life to give a hug and make someone feel special and share a tootsie roll or a skittle ... just because.

We think the "Canny Lady" is pretty special!


Mae said…
You do bring sunshine into my life. Love you lots, Mom

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