It's not that often that I get irritable, but today was one of those days. Despite a few delightful moments {like meeting a new friend and a potential lead for a job for Hiyam} I was just tired and grumpy. I didn't want to help other people. I didn't want to take care of little people. I didn't want to make supper. I didn't want to clean up diarrhea pants - twice. I didn't want to do dishes. But I somehow managed to tackle all of the above.

And honestly the thing I'm struggling with the most right now is the fact that I can't catch up ... these random four bags {including my purse} are my mobile office, roaming from my bedroom, to our recliner chairs in the basement, to our upstairs dining room ... UGGGGGH....

I catch a couple hours here and there to get things done, but never catch up. I swear, I was more on top of things when I was leading our MOPS group.

So, I'm just feeling weighed down tonight.


Hating the feeling of not being caught up.

Yuck. Oh, and it's official.

I STILL HATE HOMEWORK.I hated it when I was in school. And now I hate taking the time to do it with Maddie. Maddie hates it, too. I swear, I haven't let on that I don't like it, but I guess the ole' apple doesn't fall far from this tree. She grumbles the whole time. Finally, tonight I said, "Just put it away. I don't care if you don't get it done for tomorrow but I'm sick of your complaining. You're done." So now she's sharpening pencils in her bed as a 'fun activity.' Her choice. Whatever.

I'm going to tackle my piles tonight, trying to get rid of at least ONE of my bags of crap.

Like that will happen.

On the positive side of life, I have HT on right now, feeling snugly. I think Jackson finally settled down {and I'm knocking on wood right this second}.

I'm back ... As that little devil Murphy would have it, the INSTANT I wrote that last sentence, Jackson started yelling and crying and since then I've been up TWICE to get him to settle down. No joke. GRRRRRRR.....

So, now that I've made YOU feel grumpy by reading my messes, go get yourself a Diet Coke and escape by watching American Idol.

That's my plan.


Alice said…
Oh, at first I thought you were describing my house. Then, though I felt bad for you, I felt relieved I am not alone. Which is what I think this whole mothering thing is about sometimes.

Also, there were so many possible t-shirt slogans in your post, but I think I'm going with, "I don't want to clean up diarrhea pants--twice."

lizwiththree said…
i am right there with you sister!!!! the piles never seem to go away, even after you've cleaned them all up...there's another pile. sometimes it's okay to feel like letting it all go into piles...the piles of life!!! the new reality show-hehehe
Alysa said…
i like that liz - the piles of life - a mothering reality show coming in the near future on FOX! and i also like the t-shirt slogans, alice - very funny. ahhhh - so good that we're not alone, eh?

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