Inauguration Day

Okay, I'm just going to admit it.

I am so NOT politically savvy. Never have been. And in all honesty, I probably won't ever be the one getting involved in politics. Just doesn't interest me. {Collective GASP from all my readers, especially my in-law family!} I'm somehow confident in my shortcomings and can rest at night, even though I'm clueless in the politics arena.

My extent of politics is when, last year, I strolled into our local Alderman's office and asked if he could put up one of those green street signs that would point people to Foster Avenue, when they get off the Kennedy at Austin. And, guess what? He listened and within a few weeks my sign was up. Perhaps that should have motivated me to get involved. But it didn't.

I went to the gym today and watched the entire inauguration and LOVED it. Here are some of my thoughts, some of which are RATHER shallow, but at least I'm talkin' politics.

1. I love, love, LOVED Aretha's hat. Besides the fact that she sings one of my all-time favorite songs (R.E.S.P.E.C.T), which I just heard and sung at the top of my lungs last night ... I just think she's one groovin' chick. Check it out - that bow is HUGE. But somehow, she pulled it off.

2. I couldn't help but wonder what was going through Bush's mind. I just sort of felt sad for him. I was telling Jack that while he did things that I didn't agree with, I must say that I felt SO safe with him at the helm, especially after 9/11. Jack reminded me that his approval rating was 95% - which is unheard of. {Of course that approval rating has since plummeted.}

3. I love the hope that President Obama instilled in his speech. He was no-nonsense. He was direct. He implored responsibility for all. But he did it in a way that gave hope to the masses. He's a great orator and I'm curious to watch his presidency unfold.

4. I loved when he kissed his wife after his speech.

5. I thought Rick Warren's prayer was very well done. And I was very proud of him for praying in Jesus' name. I thought he handled that controversy well. I love that he made it personal. "We now commit our new president and his wife, Michelle, and daughters Malia and Sasha into your loving care, in the name of one who changed my life … Jesus," and then he ended with the Lord's Prayer. Very nice.

6. Today, Jackson had some things to say about "Rock Obama." In the car, after dropping Maddie at school, the talk was all about Barak Obama. At one point Jackson piped up from his perch in the backseat. "Rock Obama means, Mommy?" So I told him that Barak Obama is going to be our new president. And then he said, "President means, mommy?" So I explained that the President is the man that takes care of America. And keeps us safe. And I said several other things, but for whatever reason, the fact that Obama keeps us safe is what he has continued to bring up all day long. He got quite adamant at one point saying, "Rock Obama come to our house. RIGHT NOW." I asked him what he wanted to do if the President came to our house and he said, "Play. My room. Trains." And I'd be willing to bet that if he could, President Obama would sit and play trains with Jackson, because he seems like that kinda guy.

7. While I have zero desire to become the President of the U.S., I would LOVE to be the President's admin assistant. I would thrive on thinking through all the logistics ... I really think I could do that job. Maybe I'm kidding myself, but, THAT would be a great job. Total HIGH stress ... but something about the challenge makes me wish I could give it a try.

8. Maddie got to watch the Inauguration at school. I LOVE that. We LOVE her school!

9. Michelle Obama's dress Inaugural Ball Gown is beautiful. So pretty.

10. And THAT, is my take on today's big event. Now I'll turn it over to Jack for his analysis!


Amber said…
I LOVE that Jackson wants Barack Obama to come and play trains with him. So cute!

And the next time I get off the Kennedy at Austin I'll look for your sign. :) I always wondered why the exit sign says "to Foster" but then there wasn't another sign telling you how to get there.
Alice said…
I agree with you 99%.

But it is the hat where we part ways. You know Aretha's my girl, but I was like, "Why is a ginormous bow singing 'My Country 'Tis of Thee' on my TV?"


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