Home From Christmas Vacation

My "To Do" list was so long today that I found myself procrastinating, not knowing even where to begin. It was one of those "wandering" days. You know, the kind where you start the dishes but then go to help someone find the toothpaste and then decide to sweep up the floor in that room. And then before you know it you're sitting looking at the Christmas cards at the dining room table and then you fold two pairs of pants down in the laundry room and then three hours go by and the house doesn't look one bit better than when you started, yet you swear you've been working every single minute. Ya, that was my morning.
So, rather than start in on my mental "To Do" list I decided to, oh, take pictures of almost everything I had to do today. So, in no particular order, here was my day:

1. Water the plants we are 'house-sitting', until we can get them to Hiyam. [Done.]

2. Take the ornaments and lights off the tree so Jack could get the tree to the garbage. [Done.]3. Unpack all suitcases and get them ready to go back to their spot upstairs. [Done.]
4. Take the clean slip cover (yes, Jackson pee'd on it promptly before we left for 10 days) off the recliner and put it where it belongs. [Done. See proof below.]

5. Dry all the clothes. [Not so much done but well on the way.]
6. Start gathering decorations from around the house and getting them to the dining room for organization and placement in big plastic tubs! [Ya, that didn't happen today. Maybe Monday.]
7. Be sad about having to put the cozy Christmas away. [Definitely done.]
8. Clean up kitchen counters. [Done. I didn't get a picture of the messy shape they were in beforehand - this is the finished product.]
9. Get clothes off the floor and into drawers. [Still on floor. Oh well. I tried.]
10. Take loads of laundry upstairs to put away. [Done, all the while singing the doxology because for whatever reason, this is a job I hate doing.]
11. Clean oven because it smelled like a smoky pub after making supper tonight. This wasn't on the original 'to do' list in the morning but this item, that has been on my eternal 'to do' list for the last year finally HAD to get done. [On the way to being done. My good man Jack started the process and we'll finish it up tomorrow morning. Definitely needed to sit overnight, as opposed to the 30 minute spot check.]
12. Wash all those clothes. [One more load. Just one more load.]
13. Go to Target to buy cereal and other necessities. [Done, complete with screaming two-year-old who wasn't getting his way. One Target employee even shushed Jackson. I suppose I don't blame the guy but I did give the ole, "Oh give me a break Mister. You OBVIOUSLY don't have children" look.]

14. Go to Wal-mart to buy cereal because Target didn't have Honey Bunches of Oats I needed. Oh, and just a little FYI ... I went to our regular grocery store last night and for the EXACT SAME SIZE AND BRAND OF CEREAL - at Jewel it was $5.19 a box and at Wal-mart it was $2.98. I'm telling you - it's worth the trip to Wal-mart just to buy cereal! [Done and glad because Wal-mart was a zoo today.]

15. Go to the Fruit Market for fresh fruits and veggies. [Done and done without kids in tow. Very nice. And I even ran into my former, as in four years ago former, hair dresser George. Nicest guy but I have to say, his eyes kept drifting upwards to my very grey patch of hair. See number 17 on list. Guess what I went home and did.]

16. Break up COUNTLESS sibling arguments. [Done ALL DAY LONG.]

17. Dye hair. [Done.]

18. Re-organize Jackson's room because it now has a wonderful "Thomas Train Table" in it. [That'll have to wait for another day. This mama's tired.]

19. Blog, of course. But this doesn't really belong on a chore list - this is the treater at the end of a long day of random activity.

So I didn't get all the things done but I got a pretty good jump on getting the house back in order. I'd say another day of this-in-that and it'll be organized with everything in its place, just the way I like it. I was movin' slow today ...

...But I did get to the gym.

...And I ate well.

...And I get to see Hiyam tomorrow.

...And I might curl up with a good book right now.

...And I have HT on and it's quite cozy. (HT is the affectionate term for "Heated Throw" blanket - the best invention ever for a drafty house.) It's like an electric blanket for your bed, only smaller and for your couch or rocking chair. Some people even plug them in on the Amtrak train and in the Grand Rapids airport, don't they, Denise? We all have our addictions, some just a little bit stranger than others!


amywb said…
I had EXACTLY the same kind of day. Couldn't have described it better myself!
Alice said…
You are super woman. I could never have accomplished all that. And now you are shaming me into folding the ginormous pile of clean laundry that is just sitting on my laundry room floor...
Jill said…
Holy cow...what a list. Great job in getting all of that stuff done. Seems like there is a lot to do just to get our lives back in order. Happy New Year!
Mae said…
I think you accomplished a great deal. Way to go.

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