Grumpies Be Gone

Today was much improved. MUCH.

I found a very pretty tree.

{I must confess, trees are one of my favorite of God's creations.}

And last night, after I blogged about my irritability, I got down to business on my piles {you know, the ones that were wearing me down} and within 2 hours I had made a very large dent. I do think there's something very helpful about spewing forth my issues on my blog - I then get motivated to work.

See. My roaming office. Down to one bag.

{and my purse of course, but that doesn't count}

Empty bags, all hung up.

Pencils and such all in one spot. {Rather than all over, in various PILES in various BAGS.}

And then, every January I change out the pictures on our kitchen picture board. I've been putting this little task off, with all the new Christmas card pictures piled in, well, a pile, in well, a bag. BUT, I got motivated last night and LOOKSIE ... it's finished and hanging in the kitchen.

Before: AFTER:
And much to my SURPRISE and DELIGHT, I snuck in a two-and-a-half-hour-nap this afternoon. Yes, you read that right. I put Jackson down at 12:30, and at 12:40 I snuggled in with none other than HT {heated throw - from here on out I'm just gonna assume you all know what I mean when I say "HT"}. And at 3:10pm I woke up - panicked because I was supposed to be AT Maddie's school at 3:00pm. Oopsy.

After supper we got to visit with "The Cat in the Hat."

Jackson kept sneaking up on him and hugging his leg. How fun is that? That's one super duper way to finish the night!

Grumpies Be Gone. Whew.


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