Friday Fun

We just needed a little FRIDAY FUN so off we went to this wonderful place. For $3 (and no fee for the parent) we spent two hours playing and riding.

Jackson named his horse "PETE."
And I taught him the fine art of clucking his teeth, slapping Pete's neck and saying, "Giddy-up, Pete."

The music and lights and colours were perfect for any two-year-old, or his mother ...
He's my little man and I love him so.
I'd sit off to the side and he'd go around and around ... sometimes lost in the moment
sometimes smiling and and saying, "Hi, Mama!"

Can it really be that he is almost three?
He looked so big to me today. Everyone warns you that "It goes SO fast," and I finally believe them. In the moment, the days last an eternity but the weeks and months flash by in what seems like seconds.
Here's Mr. Ham/Mr. Personality
As we said goodbye to Pete he smiled and said, "I luff you, Pete."

And under-my-breath I said, "I luff you, Jackson!"
I could eat him up.


ailie said…
I'm sorry to say it, Alysa, but Jackson look so grown up in these pictures! What a handsome boy!
Dad said…
I love the picture from behind where you see him from the front in the mirror. And yes he is growing up so fast. Enjoy every minute - even the hard ones as they are gone so quickly

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