Big Crayon Craft

So I found this great craft idea {from where, I have no idea} and it was a lot of fun.

You know the millions of little pieces of crayon that you usually end up just throwing away. Well don't.

Keep them and do this ....

1. Peel the paper. {even 2-year-olds can help}

2. Break them into small pieces.

3. Place them in muffin tins. {with cupcake liners} Fill about one inch in each liner.
4. Put them in an oven that is at 350 for 8-10 minutes. {Until they melt and get watery} We did muffin tins and also a big pan and attempted to do cookie cutters. Ya, I won't do that again. Still trying to get the crayon wax off my cutters. But, it was worth a try.

5. Let them cool completely and then take off the paper.

And this is what you get. Very fun big crayons.

Maddie wanted to do this for her Valentine's gift for her classmates. We are somehow way ahead of the game on this upcoming special day. Whew.

So that's what we did on MLK day.


Jill said…
Alysa - What an awesome idea. Where do you get these great ideas. I may have to use that one. We definitely have enough crayon scraps around here :) Thanks for the idea - I'm sure we'll have another snowday coming up soon - and that would be a great snowday craft!

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