Back Porch ... Check.

So, despite the frigid weather, I tackled the back porch today. {And this matters only because being on our back porch is equivalent to being at the North Pole.}

I can't tell you how good it feels to have THAT project finished.

I did a bit of bribing ... {If Maddie kept Jackson entertained I would give her some 'points' toward the little craft she's been earning. That's a win-win. And I see bribing as some seriously good parenting.}

Here's a little reminder as to what it looked like for the past THREE months. The site we saw EVERY SINGLE TIME WE LEFT OUR HOME.

And here it is, as of 4:30pm TODAY.

{The only thing I didn't get done was the vacuuming. Oh well.}

Why didn't I do this months ago? I don't know, but tonight I'll be sleepin' deep.

I LOVE crossing things off my "TO DO LIST."

Love it!


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